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AutoFollowBackTool is NOW CLOSED

What was AutoFollowBackTool? Firstly, it was a tool for Twitter. An awesome, insightful Twitter tool.

Secondly, it automatically followed back your Twitter followers.

Thirdly, it was provided by me, Thomas Buck and my consultancy, TBB Polska.

And you know what was best of all? It was completely, entirely 100% free to use!

It worked really simply: any time a Twitterer followed your Twitter account, we would follow them back for you.

Told you it was simple.

So why did I close it down after all this time?

Basically, AutoFollowBackTool had become a victim of its own success.

Lots of people loved using the tool, talking about it on Twitter and sending me emails.

As cool as that was, the site uses a lot of resources - a lot of resources - and it became something of a burden for me.

I tried to find buyers, but no-one was interested.

So I'm left with the option of shutting up shop. Sorry about that.

Keep tweeting with the best of them, and take a look at the other great Twitter tools out there!

Are you a programmer, and want to write your own Twitter tool? It's easy, I tell you, easy!

Start by creating a database. You'll need somewhere to store your access tokens from Twitter, along with... lists of followers.

From there, writing your own Auto Follow Back script is as easy as could be:

Loop through all of your Twitter user accounts every X hours or minutes.

Get a list of their followers.

Compare to what you have in your database...

If it's the first time you've run for that user, just store all of their followers.

Otherwise, play "spot the difference" and follow any new Twitter followers for which you don't have an existing record.

Store what you've done, and then carry on as normal.

Told you it was easy :)

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